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Ed: 07590688842 Paul: 07747015521
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Safety pins

Hi All,

We have had a couple of questions about what the differences between the 3 Types of spare pins for the Shock, so here are some details:

Shock Original Safety Pin and Ring – Original Pin Compatible with the only the Shock Original
Regular Pin

Redesigned Shock Original Safety Pin and Ring – Improved Pin Compatible with only the Shock Original
Improved Pin

Shock Colour Safety Pin and Ring Improved Pin Compatible with only the Shock Colour (all versions)

Improved Pin Coloured

The original pin was a simple cotter pin, that soon after launch we were getting feedback that it was a little too thin, so was susceptible to bending and damage. So we listened and improved on the design with a custom designed stainless steel pin. Both improved pins are far easier to reload, and far stronger so less likely to bend and damage. We are extremely pleased with them, and hope you will be to.

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