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Colour Shock
Blank Firing Grenade

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Colour Shock BFG

The British-made impact-detonated blank firing grenade. Made for airsofters by airsofters.

Proprietary inertia-based detonation system, modular blank adapters and purely mechanical design make the Colour Shock our latest and greatest BFG.

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Reliable Lightweight

Designed from the ground-up to be the most steadfast reusable impact BFG on the market whilst retaining a compact, intuitive design: The Colour Shock BFG.

Machined from aluminium to keep weight to a minimum for the casing and  silver zink-plated case hardened steel for durability internally.

Compatibility with .209 shogun primers and 9mm/.38 crimped blank cartridges (with the relevant adapter).

Single-piece design so no lost spoons and can be re-primed with a £1 coin – no priming tools necessary.

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